December 2, 2021


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3 Tips For Showcasing Art In Your Home

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To make your home truly beautiful, you have to go beyond just the walls and the furniture that makes up the bones and structure of the building. To make your home a real work of art that you love and love spending time in, you have to bring in some actual pieces of art that speak to you. And while you can feel like the hardware and appliances throughout your space can bring in beauty, nothing can compare to actual artwork. 

Sadly, many people don’t know how to best display their chosen artwork throughout their space. So to help you in figuring this out, here are three tips for showcasing art in your home. 

Know Where To Keep Art Small

In many people’s minds, having art in your home means having huge murals and framed pieces that take up an entire wall. But to really have the most impact on making your home feel like it’s full of art, it’s the smaller pieces that are going to be most important. 

In the rooms of your home that are generally more functional, like your bathrooms and kitchen, you can and should still display art. However, the art in these rooms should be smaller and a little more light-hearted. By choosing art that goes in these categories, you can still showcase your personality and the art you love without feeling like those rooms are being overwhelmed. 

Keep Your Frames Simple

While not all artwork is going to need to be framed, when you do have art that should be in a frame, one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want the frame to distract from what the actual work of art is.

To do this, it’s wise to keep your frames as simple as possible. While you can still use frames that are beautiful and sturdy, having frames that are particularly ornate or might be considered works of art themselves can really pull the eye away from the art in the frame. So unless this is what you want to have happen, it’s best to go with simple frames. 

Display Things In Odd Numbers

When you’re ready to put up some art, especially on the walls of your home, a good rule to follow is that you want to keep the art grouped in odd numbers.

With odd numbers, you can ensure that your artwork has balance and symmetry. This can help your home feel interesting without having things feel like they are off-kilter. And if you’re wanting things that feel a little less regimented, you can always play with color, shape, or scale of the art that you group together in odd numbers. 

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