June 20, 2021


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8 Amazing Virtual Graduation Ceremony Ideas for Class 2021

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The graduation ceremony is the most awaited event for the graduate and his family and...
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The graduation ceremony is the most awaited event for the graduate and his family and friends. It is great moment when the graduate goes to the stage to collect the degree and friends and family would cheer and click their pictures. The whole atmosphere is very emotional as a graduate would leave a world behind to enter the new one. But the pandemic has turned things upside down and the educational institutes are struggling to give farewell to their students. If not an institutional farewell, one should be given a farewell even if it’s virtual. 

The whole world is going virtual and so are the educational institutes. They are organizing virtual graduation ceremonies so that the students don’t miss the experience. So, if you are also very excited to congratulate and celebrate the graduation event of the fresh graduate then you are at the right place. We are here with some 8 amazing virtual graduation ceremony ideas for the class of 2021. 

1] Give a gift they want

The graduate is going to enter adult life at such an uncertain time. So you can make this transition easier with some important gifts that would be useful to them ahead. You can straight forward ask the graduates what are they looking for or what type of a gift they are wants to receive. So simply surprise them with a gift they needed or wanted. You can buy graduation gift online from our gift store and congratulate the new graduates with amazing graduation gifts.

2] The Zoom Call

When it is about a graduation ceremony, so many people like students, teachers, speakers, family members, friends etc are involved. There are prohibitions around large gatherings so it is not possible to have all these people under one roof. So it is a great idea to organize a zoom call and live stream it during the ceremony. You can get graduation celebration ideas from our online gift site so that you can create a wonderful set up for their graduation. 

3] Send Grade Customized Cookie

There are many online cookie sites that provide services to get cookies customized. So you can celebrate the graduate’s future college or their graduation with customized cookies. These cookies are customized with school colors, logos and other things like that which would make the recipient feel so special. You can send these cookies to their place and bring a smile on their face. Make cookie bouquet delivery to your near and dear ones and convey your greetings to them through sweetest treats. 

4] Play Online Game

If you are guys are planning to meet online over a video call, you can also play some online game together so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate. There are so many online game platforms which you guys can play while you are connected online though miles away from each other. One of the members can also host a little game night which will make the virtual graduation fun and interactive.

5] Buy and Send Balloons

There is something really special about the balloons as it just screams special celebration. These balloons are little over the top but they are surely fun. So you can send your grad a fancy balloon banner that they can hang up in their house or they can use the same as their backdrop while they are enjoying a virtual graduation party. 

6] Create Unique Hash tag

The students of this generation love the internet and every student has social media account. You can this opportunity to test the power of hash tags. You can create a unique hash tag for the virtual graduation ceremony that would give a different edge to the whole commence program. Students and their loved ones can post on social media using this hash tag so that all the data can be seen under this hash tag.

7] Virtual Tour of College Campus

During these strange times, a graduate would appreciate even a virtual tour of their earlier or future college. The former one has all their memories attached to while the latter one is their dream. This way they would be able to focus more on their future. They would know what kind of adventures is awaiting them. Any student will be so obliged to get even a virtual tour of their college campus. 

8] Make it drive by event

People cannot gather at a single place but everyone can stay in their car and drive by. So just hop in the car and go for the ride. You can also ask everyone to decorate outside their houses and share lots of cheer when you roll by. This idea is quite like the drive by celebration and people would also congratulate their friends staying in the car. This way social distance will also be maintained and people would also celebrate. Get virtual graduation ideas at home from our online gift site and celebrate your graduation even being miles away from graduate. 

We hope these amazing virtual graduation ceremony ideas are perfect to celebrate the class of 2021.

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