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There are always some precious moments, moments when we want to please the person who...
39 Awesome Ideas For Your Baby's 1st Birthday Cakes

There are always some precious moments, moments when we want to please the person who will blow out his candles to see his eyes shine when the birthday cakes arrive on the table. Whether it is an adult or child, we often want to embark on a lovely birthday cake recipe but are afraid of not succeeding or running out of time. The best solution is to order it online.

Cute birthday cakes for children

And as in our opinion, a birthday cake is pretty when it’s all full of color; it’s a pretty, vibrant, and pop list available to you in birthday cakes, updated every year after family birthdays. Even if we don’t like to mix things up too much here, we still have more ideas ready for you, and suddenly the cakes are more “ birthday cakes for boys ” oriented.

We hope you will find in this list of ideas something to satisfy your desires, with cakes with seasonal fruits, chocolate cakes, or even candy cakes that will adapt to all budgets!

Original Birthday Cakes

Don’t panic; some birthday cake ideas are a bit more complex to make than others, but each time we give you tips to organize yourself as well as possible and succeed! So don’t wait any longer, order birthday cake online now!!

After a certain age, children ask to invite their school friends to help them blow out the candles. If you accept, plan to restrict the number of children according to your reception capacities and plan small activities to occupy them.

Do not hesitate to define the rules as soon as the small guests arrive by explaining the timeshare program and the places in the house where they can go (forbidden to go to the rooms, etc.). These little anticipations will save you a lot of sweat!

Themed Birthday Cakes

Defining a theme is not mandatory, but it can help you weave a common thread to order a cake, make the invitations, and decorate the room where the party will take place! You can, for example, order a football-shaped cake and make a birthday on the theme of football, or the Beyblade cartoon, or pirates or castles.

But if you don’t have a theme idea, you can also look out for some more ideas in our store, or you can order something else like chocolate if the children like chocolate, a chocolate cake.

Either way, don’t put too much pressure on yourself with the birthday cake, because you will see for yourself that children never go hungry for the cake. They mainly come to play with their friends and to offer/open presents.

You can simply order cake or even an apple pie without forgetting to stick candles in it. The children will appreciate the gesture and the moments spent together!

Personalized cakes

Custom-made cakes are not only the best gift for friends, but they are also always an extraordinary, interesting, and tasty surprise. In our assortment, there is always a rich and varied selection of cakes to order. These are birthday cakes, children’s cakes, anniversary cakes, cakes for any holiday or event in your life. We are also happy to offer bakery products with delivery for sale in shops, restaurants, cafes and carry out original orders.

We make perfect cakes as diligently as we bake them for ourselves. All ingredients are fresh and only natural: sugar, flour, eggs, cream, honey, berries – nothing harmful or artificial. To see this, you can look out at the fillings we put.

How to order?

If you are in a hurry, check out the list of cakes that we can make in just one day. But, of course, it is much more interesting to make a cake with a unique design. It will take us 1-2 days.

You can choose any cake on this page or tell us your ideas.

1.Choose the filling

2.Share your ideas, sketches, and pictures of cakes that inspire you

3.Don’t forget to choose decorations, marzipan cake toys, and wow effects. For example, everyone loves a fabulous fireworks candle.

4.Leave a request and …

5.Your dream cake!

Let’s make friends, celebrate, walk on our ears and blow out the candles on the delicious cake!

An abundance of fruits and berries, whipped cream, soufflés and buttercreams, meringues give our custom-made cakes and pastries delicious flavor and color. All this makes our custom-made cakes real masterpieces of confectionery, which will rightfully take pride of place on your festive table.


When ordering cakes with us, you get the opportunity to choose any cake you like from our gallery. On request, our confectioners will develop just for you a completely new design following your tastes and wishes. Professional pastry chefs will bring your sweet idea to life, creating your dream cake, not just beautiful and tasty, but made using the most modern technologies.

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