December 2, 2022


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Designing A Website For Your Art Collection

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Showing and sharing your collection of art pieces is a big part of the fun of owning them.  If a piece moves you, you want to give others the chance to feel that emotion as well.   The internet is a great way to connect with other collectors.  

You can buy, sell, or trade fine art pieces when you have a working knowledge of the capabilities of the web.  Building a well designed website for your art collection can give you an invaluable outlet for exploration and build connections you may not have found otherwise.  

Take a moment now to check out a few design elements that will help make your art website more appealing, and get started today.  

Communication will help you grow

If you’re building a website to present your art collection to the world, you should make it easy for others to make contact.  Communicating with other collectors and artists around the globe could open up some very exquisite doors for the future.  

Add the standard contact page to your site’s design, and then add some contact information to the top of your homepage as well.  This site for concrete boat ramps makes it easy for interested users to communicate directly from the homepage.  

Make it easy for people to browse

You want users to easily understand how to dig into the specifics of your collection site, so add a simple navigation setup.  A stationary navigation bar along the top of the page will present users with a familiar manner of movement.  

When you land on a site with stationary navigation, you intuitively understand how to find the information you need.  More people will spend time exploring when exploring is made simple.  

Use high quality images 

High quality images are important for drawing the interest of users, especially if you’re looking to showcase works of art online.  Art is a visual medium and so is the internet.  Pay special attention to making certain your image quality is high and your loading speeds don’t pay the price for that quality.  

Optimize for speedy loading 

Speedy loading is essential when you’re designing a website that works.  People will not sit around and wait for a slow loading site to catch up.  

You have less than five seconds to grab and hold the attention of users before they move on to the next best search result.  Test your loading speeds once your site is complete, and be sure to iron out any slow spots for maximum performance.  

Optimize for mobile users 

Mobile users are your friends, so don’t leave your friends out of the plan when you design your art site.  Design your pages to be mobile friendly, so mobile users don’t have trouble accessing or viewing your content.