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Jonathan St. Void: ‘The Return of your Imaginary friend in High Resolution’

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Jonathan St. Void: ‘The Return of your Imaginary friend in High Resolution’

Jonathan St. Void: ‘The Return of your Imaginary friend in Superior Resolution’
15th to 30th April 2022
Punkristocracy Pop-Up Gallery
230 Portobello Street
W11 1LJ

A solo exhibition of the elusive artist Jonathan St. Void titled ‘The Return of your
Imaginary buddy in Superior Resolution’, will be offered by Varvara Roza Galleries and The Blender Gallery at the Punkristocracy Pop-Up gallery on Portobello Highway from 15th to 30th April. Jonathan St.

Jonathan St. Void

Void is a single of the art world’s best kept insider secrets, a quite non-public artist with an inherent aesthetic that very easily straddles the fine line involving punk rage and regal grace although functioning in a realm of revolutionary inventive sensibilities. His new solo exhibition at the Punkristocracy Pop-Up, offered by Varvara Roza Galleries and The Blender Gallery, is his initially considering the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic, showcasing new artworks that evoke expansiveness and escapism.

Punkristocracy is the manufacturer created by the artist less than which he results in paintings, jewelry and NFTs. St. Void is closely influenced by the punk motion of the 1970s in New York and London, which he feels is the most explosive resourceful period of the 20th Century. He describes: ‘I’ve generally been into good manners and presenting you nicely, and nobility earlier mentioned Royalty.


Mainly because aristocracy is a way to behave, not just anything you inherit by a bloodline. So I was thinking about the whole aesthetic of my creative output to be a combination of the punk aesthetic and the aristocratic aesthetic, and I established ‘Punkristocracy’.”

St. Void has moved into NFT’s, and his Punkristocracy NFT artworks titled ‘They Arrived from the Dogstar’ will be unveiled at the exhibition as the inaugural NFTs of The Blender Gallery’s new NFT system. ‘The Return of your Imaginary buddy in Higher Resolution’ will element revolutionary, abstract artworks on vegan crocodile patent leather, and paintings from a series identified as ‘Prime Ordeal’ which explores the a lot more physical mother nature of guy, the pores and skin and bones, with influences of the primordial type of Francis Bacon’s crucifixions and Pope paintings mixed with a Pop Art Keith Haring aesthetic.

The Quest For Peach

Jonathan has labored for 19 a long time on a numerous variety of surfaces this sort of as canvas, wooden and plexiglass. Most not long ago, in his exploration of structured abstraction, he has been applying layers of oil and acrylic based markers to draw spontaneous but intricate linear layouts on vegan crocodile patent leather with no measurements taken beforehand and a entire absence of setting up or intent. As a result of this strategy he established his latest collection of parts titled “The Illusion of Explanatory Depth”, evoking esoteric, archetypal imagery in a visually linguistic design that can best be described as primitive graffiti.

Jonathan St. Void commented: “This show is a mini-retrospective of selected pieces from a number of former series of artworks via the years, alongside with a sneak peek at the future, with my approaching series of electronic animated collages equally in bodily and NFT kind. The title of the demonstrate – ‘The return of your imaginary friend in higher resolution’ – alludes to lots of factors, which include receiving back again in the sport after a extended hiatus, rejuvenated instead than defeated, as properly as a cheeky reference to the audience’s tendency of projecting traits, traits, intentions and backstories on artistic figures, creating a pastiche of who they want you to be… and
I’m pleased to be accurately that for every single a single of them.”

Varvara Roza suggests: “Jonathan St. Void is a extremely private and elusive character. His get the job done is like absolutely nothing I have ever witnessed prior to, and the various vary of his innovative oeuvre, from visceral, melancholic pop artwork to his WW2 weaponry blueprints with built-in 1940’s cartoon people and his intuitive summary art on vegan crocodile patent leather-based, by means of to his esoteric digital NFT pieces mix to produce a exclusive and eclectic output. I’ve generally wanted to collaborate with him, and am incredibly delighted we strike it off so splendidly! A single issue is for absolutely sure. We’re going to have a good deal of enjoyable!”

Jonathan St. Void NFT

Jason Theophanidis claims: “I have recognised Jonathan due to the fact I launched The Blender Gallery practically a ten years in the past, and his resourcefulness gripped my attention straight away. All over all those several years I have had the satisfaction of getting by his side as he was experimenting with unanticipated media, shaping the explosive artistic persona he has developed into these days, and in the end making his possess invigorating universe. His art is raw and relentless, yet exuberant and whimsical. Jonathan is not just an artist, but a person of the entire world, a rebel, a poet, a visionary and a philosopher. He is an inspiration to get the job done with bringing a wonderful synergy to the workforce.

Devoid of revealing too a great deal about The Blender Gallery’s impending NFT platform, Jonathan’s ‘They Arrived From The Pet Star’ sequence gave us the best material to choose the upcoming move into the Metaverse.” All through his occupation, beginning in 2001, Jonathan has collaborated with the London based ‘Sakai’ pop-up Gallery on group and solo exhibits. He has exhibited at ‘Kunsthaus Tacheles’ in Berlin and notably collaborated with ‘Vogue’ and ‘Sotris Boutique’ in Athens in a distinctive solo demonstrate for ‘Fashion’s Night time Out’ in Kolonaki. Other exhibitions contain Aggelos Gallery 48 Gallery Artion Gallery Team and The Breeder Gallery. Jonathan has experienced mini retrospectives of his get the job done at Hoxton Gallery and Spiral Gallery in Mykonos, and also had the honour of getting ‘Artist in Residence’ at the iconic Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses, Greece.

Jonathan St. Void is a classically properly trained artist who examined Wonderful Artwork at the Kent Institute of Art & Design and style (KIAD) in England, and went on to reside in London, in which he is at present based. He has experienced creative residencies in Amsterdam, Berlin, Athens and Mykonos. St. Void transcended the artistic norms by building his own strategy known as ‘Layered Markers’ and employing modern surfaces.


He manifests visually evocative parts that tread a good line concerning brutality and childlike innocence. His influences span across a varied selection of masters and a single can detect in his oeuvre equivalent doses of rawness, framework, road spirit, playfulness and a color palette that is concurrently joyous and contemplative.

At this point in his innovative trajectory, Jonathan maintains a incredibly selective and refined exposure of his name and get the job done, restricting it to word of mouth between these who satisfy him personally or transpire to look at a single or additional examples of his items by way of a mutual acquaintance or “invitation only” gallery clearly show.

Obtaining bookended his journey into the abstraction, he is currently preparing his upcoming solo exhibition “They Arrived From The Dogstar’, dependent on his limited, self-penned house age fairytale: a 25-piece collection of electronic collages, presented in a individually custom-made and evolved ‘Light Box’ type, as perfectly as movie projection.

In addition, St. Void is putting the ending touches on a significant-scale art installation by authorities cultural commission, in collaboration with the seaside municipality of Vouliagmeni in Athens, Greece. Varvara Roza Galleries (centered in London and started by Varvara Roza) and The Blender Gallery (based in Athens and started by Jason Theophanidis) are signing up for forces in the pursuit of one particular frequent objective and enthusiasm: to current Greece’s most exceptional present-day artists to the world wide artwork sector and make a splash on the contemporary art scene.

Varvara Roza and Jason Theophanidis check out London as 1 of the most vital centres of the modern day art planet, and a international hub for great art, which is the commitment driving showcasing a carefully curated range of the most interesting Greek present-day artists in London.


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