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Memorial High School art students raise $2,690 for charity

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Last year, the Memorial High School visual arts program started a fundraiser project where students created art at the end of the year and then students and staff could buy the art with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.

After strong demand, the “from the heART” fundraiser project continued at the end of this school year with the community service project/fundraiser nearly doubling last year’s total of about $1,500.

“I wanted the kids to be more than just competitions and contests,” said advanced art teacher Elisa Barry. “I wanted them to be aware of community service and kind of bring it into our program, and the kids really embraced it.”

For the project, all visual art students are asked to create a work of art during the final couple weeks of the school year. The artworks are then matted and framed and sold throughout the week in the cafeteria during the lunch periods.

The leaders of the Memorial National Art Honor Society who organized the project chose Spring Branch Education Foundation’s Project School Supplies to be the recipient of the funds that were raised from this year’s project.

Project School Supplies is a special initiative through SBEF that raises money to provide school supplies for all students at each of the district’s Title I pre-K, elementary, and middle schools.

“In spite of financial uncertainty, we want all students to confidently walk into their classrooms on the first day of school having the tools they need to succeed,” SBEF Executive Director Cece Thompson said after last year’s Project School Supplies.

Barry said the organizers chose Project School Supplies because the school supplies include art supplies, which was especially meaningful to the art students.

This year, more than 150 artworks were sold, raising $2,680. Most of the artworks were sold for around ten dollars. Several people purchased more than one work of art.

Barry said that a lot of the students that purchased artworks mentioned wanting an original piece of art from one of their friends to display in their bedroom or dorm room.

“Being a student artist participant in Memorial High School’s ‘from the heART’ project is so meaning and I’m so grateful for my experience in the classroom,” said student Amelia Nuzzo. “One of my favorite parts of the entire process is that students of all ranges with all different artistic style participate in the project. That way there is truly something for everyone when they want to buy a piece. No two artworks look the same and I think that’s what makes it so special and would not be possible without out Memorial’s range in artistic capabilities.”

“I absolutely adore getting to do ‘from the heART,’” said Morgan Matherne, another art student. “It has taught us that our passions can become a helping tool for those in need and with the right planning and implementation skills anything is possible. Not only do we end up benefiting a cause in need, but the art program really gets integrated into the student body which is untraditional in many high schools. I hope we carry on ‘from the heART’ for many years and continue to help raise money for charitable causes through our passion of making art.”

MHS art student Avery Ramsey both created her own piece and bought some of her friends pieces. One of her volleyball coaches bought one of her pieces which is now displayed in her classroom.

Barry and the art students remarked to each other about how the fundraiser seemed to bring the whole school, art students and non-art students, together.

Barry is already planning to continue the “from the heART” fundraiser next year.

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