March 7, 2021


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My Brother, My Brother & Me Changing Theme Music After Bean Dad Controversy

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My Brother, My Brother & Me just announced that they will be changing their theme song after all this “Bean Dad” controversy. If you’ve been on Twitter today, you have seen all the “Bean Dad” discourse. John Roderick performed the theme tune for the popular program, and he decided to tweet about his experiences teaching his daughter. A long thread about trying to encourage his child to use a can opener to get some beans. Well, a lot of people didn’t like the idea of keeping food away from the kid just to prove a point. But, then, some of the defensiveness and then unearthing old tweets began, It wasn’t long before the McElroy brothers were going to have to make a statement. Once things got to a certain point, the official My Brother, My Brother & Me announced the change, and many fans are celebrating the move from the personalities. Go ahead and read what they had to say down below:

“For reasons we’re sure you’re all aware of, we’re getting started finding new music for MBMBaM. You’ll probably hear a filler theme song on this week’s episode. We’re not sure what’ll come after that, honestly, but we hope you’ll stick around to find out,” the tweet reads. “We appreciate John letting us use one of his songs as the theme for MBMBaM for nearly a decade, but his response to today’s situation is emblematic of a pattern of behavior that is antithetical to the energy we try to bring to the things we do, and so it’s time for us to move on.”

Harper Collins describes the McElroys’ upcoming book Everybody Has A Podcast Except You:

“Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy made their names as “advice giving brothers who have no business giving advice” (New York Times) on the hit podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. But while they may not have the best relationship or workplace advice, they certainly make you laugh, and they do know a thing or two about podcasting.”

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