May 16, 2022


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Pedro Barateiro “Love Song” at CRAC Alsace, Altkirch

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Pedro Barateiro “Love Song” at CRAC Alsace, Altkirch

A solo exhibition by Pedro Barateiro, with will work by Mário Varela Gomes and Aurélia de Souza, curated by Elfi Turpin.

Pricey close friend / lover / stranger,
On a modern excursion to the Azores, I frequented the weather station that displays earthquakes, temperature and wind in the city of Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira Island. The archipelago is located in the middle of the Northern Atlantic Ocean and the region is known to make the Azores High, which incorporates wind designs that have a powerful outcome on the weather in Europe and North The usa.

Wind performed an important job in the course of the Portuguese colonial campaign. The ability to manipulate wind, h2o currents and navigation instruments brought a team of beings to slaughter, enslave and contaminate other folks, with the objective of “civilizing” them. As the narrative tells us, this is the commencing of modern globalization and capitalism. European tradition, dependent on the domination of nature by means of agriculture, planned an enlargement of dogmas. Liberated from religion, the advancement of science, as effectively as human-centered myths (or various fictions), helped to expand the strategy of private subjective capital as the top sort of emancipation of the human physique and mind. Lifestyle was forged and manipulated by human minds, carried out by repressed bodies. A culture of repression was established and cherished the human physique was objectified by way of artwork and science. The generation of objects turned an obsession. Mirrors ended up perfected to accompany and fulfill an evergrowing enlargement of the human gaze. The clash was inevitable: a clash between the self and the surroundings.

In their book Preliminary Components for a Principle of the Younger-Woman, the collective Tiqqun wrote: “At the beginning of the 1920s, capitalism realized that it could no lengthier manage itself as the exploitation of human labor if it did not also colonize every thing that is further than the stringent sphere of manufacturing. Confronted with the problem from socialism, money far too would have to socialize. It had to produce its individual culture, its individual leisure, medication, urbanism, sentimental education and its personal mores, as perfectly as a disposition toward their perpetual renewal.”

In the course of the journey I went for a extensive lonely wander in a position called Mistérios Negros [Dark Mysteries], a volcanic rock formation that carries on to expand between small bushes. At some position, involving rocks, wind, moisture, and speedy clouds passing earlier mentioned my head, I could no for a longer period distinguish whether I was on top of a mountain or underwater. I experienced the strange sensation of staying component of that area, and at the identical time, I felt like the most unwanted staying walking on people stones. And for a couple minutes, I disappeared. On the island I professional numerous different and rapidly-altering thoughts. All the things moved faster and the existence of the wind felt virtually as if it wanted to speak. I experienced to cease trying to realize what was happening all-around me and just be there. I was present. I felt I was existing. I really do not know why I’m mentioning this. I normally check out to uncover the absurd in widespread, each day actions and objects, it provides goal.

In point, I have been wondering a good deal about the wind. Like time, the wind can be felt and represented, influencing factors in so numerous approaches, and yet it has no sort. It has to do with my curiosity in immateriality, in speech, in points felt and not represented. I’ve always felt like a quantum laptop or computer, thinking of the rotation of the Earth in my calculations and how things modify and evolve. An obsession of mine is seeing the dwell stream of the International Room Station (ISS). Cameras abide by the rotation of the Earth. The ISS is also a weather station and, like an art house, it monitors alterations in the surroundings, it tries to forecast upcoming situations and their results on our lives. It assures me that I am listed here, we are below. We can say that what these cameras history is serious, or at least we concur that they exist and document events in front of them. Very well, at least some of us feel that. It is needed to combat ignorance with points.


At CRAC Alsace, Altkirch
until Might 15, 2022

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