Pictures are powerful sources of energy. They inspire, soothe, and create a certain atmosphere, coziness, and comfort. If you see a picture that you want to look at and look at – get it. It radiates the energy you need. The main thing is that positive emotions are produced while contemplating the pictures.

The picture creates a mood in the interior. Find an image of a painting that you really like. Looking at him, you will not be able to complain about life, as you will be overwhelmed with feelings of admiration and harmony. Therefore, paintings correct a certain psychological climate, generate energy, and affect your mood.

Paintings are the finishing touches in the house. They complement and enliven the atmosphere. Well-chosen paintings correct the perception of the room – they can smooth out the proportions of the furniture, direct the movement of visitors along a certain route around the room that is advantageous from the point of view of perception, subjectively increase the space of the premises and “push back” the ceiling higher. 

The picture, with its plot, color palette, and manner of execution, sets the tone for the entire interior, so it must match the environment and not cause visual dissonance. First of all, consider the purpose of the room where you want to hang the picture. Do not forget the picture should create comfort.

To make your home more comfortable, it is enough to add a few elements of decoration to the interior. The traditional and most common elements of decor are paintings. Good paintings, tapestries, and reproductions from Lito will transform any home, bring harmony and beauty to your home and make it unique.

Painting selection

You need to choose a picture for your home carefully: you should not succumb to someone’s recommendations or fashion trends. The picture should be pleasant, and when looking at it, you should have a feeling of comfort. A good mood should appear as peace and tranquility or cheerfulness and a surge of strength. For example, one of the artists advised buying landscapes in which you would like to “leave.” The picture should be positive. Any picture carries information. The picture carries with it an aesthetic experience. The picture brought into the house begins its new life. Each picture has its own power and significance and, of course, the impact on you.

The picture should be spiritually close and understandable to you. Each person has his own aesthetic baggage: dear memories, things, photographs, favorite music, and favorite book. And only the picture that will touch the soul, open before it the exciting world of aesthetic experiences, will become a truly expensive acquisition. Buy paintings that bring joy and the desire to live and create only with positive energy and themes. Pictures should not bring despondency, grief and depression. Skillfully and tastefully pick up, as well as hang pictures – an art.

Get an art masterpiece from Lito

LITO was founded in 2021 with the goal of making world-renowned art masterpieces accessible to everyone. Adam Lowe, a British engineer, invented the specialized scanning equipment used to build digital maps of artworks a decade ago. Museums and other organizations have long utilized his scan and print method for the conservation and examination of precious or delicate pieces of art.

It is now feasible to connect digital scans to the most powerful 3D and color printers. Because of the convergence of two distinct but concurrent technologies, physical reproductions of one-of-a-kind artworks may now be created — in a manner similar to previous multiple art forms such as photography or lithography.

LITO is the first organization to recognize that taking this step further may assist artists and museums in generating cash while also enabling consumers to possess a piece that is incomparably better than a reproduction while costing a fraction of the price of an original. LITO’s goods are so novel on the globe that people had to develop a new term to describe them. Isograms are what they name their art clones. They think they will forever revolutionize the art collecting industry for the better.

The stakeholder – the artist who produced the piece or (in the case of older works) the museum that is its custodian and steward – receives a portion of the net proceeds from each item sold. They split their earnings and openly share the scans created by the manufacturing process with their partners. That is fundamental to LITO’s  philosophy: they want their work to enrich the art world and to help preserve the world’s visual culture.

LITO considers their work as a win-win situation for everyone: artists and their estates, museums, collectors, and art enthusiasts. They are fortunate to be pushing the ideal confluence of technology, creativity, connoisseurship, and commerce.

LITO’s mission

They are seeing a shift in the way art is made, reproduced, and collected. New technologies and ideas are disrupting and reimagining the art world, ushering in an age that will transform everything for the better. Here are three ways LITO is making an impact:

For art enthusiasts

Throughout history, art has been the domain of the wealthy and fortunate. Because of LITO’s approach, for the first time, everyone may own a masterpiece or put a renowned work of art on their wall. And it is not a flat replica or a photograph of a painting but a flawless reproduction with all of the original’s emotional and aesthetic strength.

For artists

LITO wants today’s creators, as well as the keepers of great art from the past, to benefit from the technology that they have made accessible to everybody. As a result, they split their revenues with museums and artists, without whom none of us would be able to appreciate the miracle of great art.

For museums and estates

A scan is a comprehensive and irreversible digital map of an artwork. As a result, conservators, art historians, and academics may rely on it. They are delighted to give over all of the data to their partners, allowing them to continue their crucial task of conserving the world’s cultural heritage.