March 2, 2021


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This artist takes photos and turns them into incredible surreal composites

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Numerous people today contact photo manipulation “fake” because it’s not pictures. In fact, it’s more of digital artwork, but it continue to depends on images and turns it into a little something totally new. But artist Monica Carvalho is in this article to make peace concerning these two artwork forms. She will take some beautiful photos – and then he requires them and turns them into composites that are odd, surreal, and unquestionably awesome!

Photographic memory

Monica is a Swiss-born photographer at the moment residing in Berlin, Germany. She is passionate about having a new perspective on common points, and I believe she does it rather nicely. Her picture manipulations normally consider two photos completely merged to produce new, absolutely surreal objects. And I uncover her way of merging photos not just exciting but also really gratifying and pleasing to the eye. Even the captions are very imaginative.

Combat or flight

Monica’s fascination with arts started at a incredibly younger age. She started discovering art whilst nevertheless in college, and her pursuits sooner or later sent her to finding out the record of artwork in college. She is notably fascinated in surrealist artists and their function, and she has taken the very same route in her photographic do the job. “The turning position was when I learned Adobe Photoshop,” Monica points out, “which permitted me to merge my photos with my creativity.”

The objective of Monica’s do the job and her motto is “to make the regular extraordinary.” She will take images of frequent issues we see in every day daily life and turns them into a little something that would make you admire her creativeness. “I feel there is possible for inspiration everywhere you go, it just is dependent on our outlook,” Monica suggests.


Of training course, we’ve viewed some other composite images ahead of, and they are really brilliant as effectively. But what sets Monica aside is that she in no way takes advantage of stock pictures. She only will make her pieces from the photographs she took herself. She suggests that it’s a challenge that makes her creative adventures “not only extremely exciting but also exceptionally personal.” Describing her images, she claims: “I know the designs, touched the properties, stroked the animals, eaten the food items, played the instruments…” I’d also add that she has a recognizable style… possibly specifically since the images that she merges are her possess.

Choose a seem at far more of Monica’s work underneath. Make confident to check out even a lot more on her internet site, Instagram, and Fb. You can also guidance her perform on Patreon.

The eye-cing on the cake

Lip glass

When you are just one with music

Architectural symphony


Prolonged time no sea

Shut your eyes and see

Shiny gown

Sea-by hoodie


Handmade bread

C(upcake) cup


poker (f)ace


Rock & roll


Mother Character

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