December 2, 2021


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Tips For Safely Moving Fine Art And Sculptures

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6 Tips for Moving Sculptures and Fine Art

If you’re planning to relocate your collection of fine art and sculptures, it’s important to understand how to accomplish your goal without damaging any of your priceless pieces along the way.  

Take a few moments to dive into a little research, and sit down for a short read.  Here are a few tips for safely moving fine art and sculptures that will help to preserve your most coveted pieces as you move.  

Packing paintings and prints 

The way you pack a piece of art makes all the difference in just how safe it will be for its travels.  When packing paintings and prints that are framed or canvassed, you have to make sure you remember a few things during the process.  

Special care should be taken to protect any glass used to frame your art.  Bubble wrap is your friend, and adding a simple taped X over the glass can help keep it all together in one piece.  Also, get boxes that are bigger than your pieces, so there’s room to stuff packing materials inside.  

Packing smaller sculptures 

Smaller sculptures are best packed in packing peanuts or shredded paper.  Pack your sculptures upright, and don’t be shy about employing bubble wrap too.  You need to find boxes that are larger than your sculptures as well, so you have room to add packing materials.  

If you have pieces that are more delicate than others, you can consider using the double boxing method.  Pack your precious art into a small box.  Then repeat the process by packing the small box into a bigger one.  

Moving larger sculptures 

You may have some very large sculptures in your collection, and you can’t leave them behind.  Having the right equipment to safely lift and move your prized sculptures makes all the difference in a successful relocation.  

Wrapping your sculptures with protective moving blankets and bubble wrap will help to guard against any chipping or breakage as they are moved.  The best way to make sure they arrive safely, though, is to make sure there are professionals handling the job.  

Consider environmental aspects 

If you hire professional movers to move your art, they should be well versed in environmental hazards.  However, you should have your boxes clearly labeled for full disclosure.  

If you plan to move your pieces on your own, be aware of the environmental factors surrounding your art.  Don’t let them sit in the heat of the sun for extended periods.  

Don’t let them get wet, and don’t let them get super cold either.  A comfortable indoor temperature and humidity is required for safe transport of your art collection.  Plan ahead to make certain you have the right tools for the job. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.